Our Heritage


Nick Ferrante Sr. first pioneered the family business in the early 1960’s. From humble beginnings, the family’s retail business was cultivated, and over time success followed. As business progressed and the second generation joined the campaign, the ideas began to churn. Nick Sr., along with his family, decided to venture into the food service industry. Nick’s Italian Sausage Company was founded in 1976, and after years of perseverance and determination, the business gradually gained momentum and Nick’s Sausage became a nationally recognized brand. In 2007, Clemens Food Group acquired Nick’s Sausage Company. Rick Ferrante remained involved with the company but his duties quickly changed. However, the passion for making the finest quality sausage never ceased.


Once Rick parted ways with Clemens Food Group in the Spring of 2015, more ideas churned. Rick, and his brother, Nick Ferrante Jr., successor to the retail business, knew from the passion they still had that the work was not yet done. They decided to enlist the third generation in the newest campaign and opened Encore Sausage Company in the summer of 2015. It is the family’s second endeavor in the food service industry, but this time around we are armed with more knowledge, more experience, and more hard working family to facilitate the same success we once shared.


An Encore is played after a show because the band has a desire to keep playing, and the audience has a yearning for more. It is the pivotal part of a concert where the biggest and greatest songs are played. We may have a new logo and a new name but we are ready for our Encore. All we ask is that you “Give us a Taste” an the product will speak for itself.

"I have been involved in the food service industry for over 35 years, most recently as National Accounts Manager with Clemens Food Group, and previously as President of Nick’s Sausage Company. I have had at the pleasure of developing many great business relationships over the years that have resulted in long standing friendships. I am extremely proud and eternally grateful to everyone who has played a role in my career to date.


Life changes, opportunities may come and they may pass but one thing that has never wavered is the passion I have for the sausage industry. It is my roots, it is where I started, and it is my opportunity to continue what I have built upon for three decades. As a result, I am extremely proud to announce our family-owned venture, Encore Sausage Company. I am back for an Encore, and a chance to build upon what my family and I began many years ago.


I am excited for the new opportunity at hand and look forward to once again sharing the high aspirations I have for this company. Over the years, my family and I have predicated our business upon producing only the finest quality product, supported with the utmost customer service. I look forward to once again earning an opportunity to let our product do all of the talking.


Best Regards,


Rick Ferrante"

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